Dark theme & more

Dark theme & more

New Edens look
New Edens look

Edens' look just got a massive update.

Dark Theme

Finally, we've added support for something that's been long-awaited — a dark theme. Better late than never! 🥲 Now you can choose between the light and dark sides.

Improved Mobile UI

If you're using Edens on your mobile device, you can expect a better experience. We're continuously improving it, with more updates coming soon.

Global Invoicing for Freelancers

A brand new invoice editor, supporting over 40 languages, is now available for every freelancer or agency worldwide.

This is the biggest update, and we'll share more details about it soon.

Edens is Ready for More Features

Our team has refactored all interfaces to accommodate a host of new features in the near future:

  • Project budgets

  • Proposals

  • Contracts

  • Expenses

  • Webhooks

Talk soon! 🚀