Global taxes made easy with Edens

Global taxes made easy with Edens

Tax rates
Tax rates

In the world of freelancing and agency work, managing invoices across different countries can be a complex task, especially when it comes to taxes. Each country has its own unique tax system, and keeping up can be daunting. But worry no more — Edens' new feature is here to simplify your global tax management.

Configurable Tax Rates

Edens allows you to configure tax rates based on the requirements of different countries, regions, or cities. This flexibility is essential for businesses operating internationally, ensuring compliance with local tax laws​​.

Exclusive and Inclusive Taxes

Understanding the distinction between exclusive and inclusive taxes is crucial. Edens supports both, allowing for precise tax calculations. Exclusive taxes are added on top of the invoice subtotal, while inclusive taxes are incorporated within the total amount​​.

Customization for Individual Invoice Items

Flexibility is key in invoicing. Edens offers the option to apply different tax rates to individual invoice items or set a default tax rate for the entire invoice, providing the customization needed for diverse billing scenarios​​.

Clear Tax Summaries

Edens aggregates the tax amounts into a clear table under the invoice items, showing the total tax amount for each rate used and the amount excluding taxes. This feature ensures transparency and ease of understanding for both the freelancer and the client​​.

Management of Tax IDs

Compliance with regulatory requirements is simplified with Edens. The platform enables you to manage and display both your and your clients' tax IDs on invoices, a common requirement, especially
in B2B transactions​​​​.

Edens' new tax features offer a robust solution for handling complex global tax requirements. Whether you're dealing with multiple tax rates or need to display tax IDs, Edens simplifies these processes, allowing you to focus more on your core business activities.

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