Improved Invoice Sharing

Improved Invoice Sharing

Share invoice menu
Share invoice menu

With our upgraded "Issue & Share" feature, managing invoice access just got way easier.

Now, when you issue or share an invoice, here's what you can do:

  • Turn the hosted invoice page on or off for each invoice.

  • Decide whether to display or hide the invoice in the client portal.

  • Choose to include or exclude the timesheet.

  • Download the invoice or timesheet as a PDF.

  • Email the invoice directly to your client.

The hosted invoice page is a breeze for sharing invoices with clients. They can check out payment details and download the PDF there too.

Clients can also peek at all their invoices in the client portal once they log into Edens. Just set up a client contact and invite them to your workspace.

Feel free to tweak these settings anytime, even for invoices that are already paid. You can also adjust timesheet visibility on the fly.

Downloading the invoice as a PDF means both you and your client get a solid document for your records.

Sending the invoice by email? It'll reach your selected client contacts and their billing email, if provided. You can even preview the email in Edens before sending. If the hosted page is active, the email will include a link to it, along with the PDF attached.

Happy invoicing! Here at Edens, we're all about making invoicing super straightforward for freelancers, agencies, and their clients.