New invoice editor

New invoice editor

Global invoicing can be complex, but Edens simplifies the process. We have shipped a completely new invoice editor to Edens:

🌐 Invoicing in over 40 languages, your clients will receive invoices in their native language.

📑 Immediate invoice preview: public page and PDF.

💶 Any currency is supported, including cryptocurrencies.

🎨 Customizable layout: set your own colors, table column names, add custom fields.

🏦 Any taxes are supported: create tax rates, add them to invoice items or the invoice itself.

👩‍💼 Compliance: invoices accepted by accountants worldwide.

💰 Flexible payment methods: create your own methods and choose from a growing number of integrations.

⏱️ Include hours you worked: billing is automated, just review your timesheet.

🖥️ Hosted invoice pages and PDF download for you and your clients.

📱 Mobile-friendly: bill from anywhere using your smartphone (watches are not supported yet).

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