Time Tracking and Billing for Agencies

Time Tracking and Billing for Agencies

Time Tracking and Billing for Agencies
Time Tracking and Billing for Agencies

This post is for agencies that bill for time tracked in their work. Here, I'd like to highlight some of Edens' features that might help with running an agency business and even possibly make it more profitable in 2024.

First, if you haven't seen Edens before, it's a tool for freelancers and agencies that assists with essential business processes like time tracking, invoicing, contracts, and team management. Edens stands out with its flexibility, a feature many competitors lack.

Let’s dive into how Edens can transform these aspects for your agency.

Team Management

Add your entire team and send out invitations, though these are optional. If you need to add manual time on behalf of any team member, there's no need to wait for them to join your workspace.

Multicurrency Projects? No Problem!

Working with international clients? Edens lets you create projects in different currencies, removing the hassle of currency conversion.

Flexible Hourly Rates

Set default hourly rates for each project or customize rates for individual team members. This flexibility helps you adapt to the unique financial needs of each project and bill according to your agency's rates.

Time Tracking Options

Whether it's through a web interface, a Telegram bot, or manual entries, Edens offers varied time tracking methods. We're working on native desktop and mobile solutions, as well as on time tracking extensions for other apps.

One-Click Invoicing

Add tracked time into invoices with just a click, saving time and reducing errors. This not only saves time but also minimizes the chances of errors, a common issue in manual billing. You can add manual invoice items as well.

Rounding Tracked Time

Need to round up tracked time for easy billing? Edens has taken care of that - you can round time records to any value you wish.

Multi-Project Invoicing

Invoicing for several projects? Combine them into one comprehensive invoice, making it easier for your clients and your accounting.

Customizable Timesheets in Invoices

Modify timesheets directly in the invoice, ensuring accuracy and clarity. Plus, get a PDF version of the timesheet for your records.

In conclusion, Edens offers an intuitive and flexible solution for enhancing your agency's time tracking and billing processes. Try in action – it's free to start and simple to adopt all processes. Plus, you can easily begin with a workspace that includes sample data, making your initial steps as straightforward as possible.